Pre-publishing check and auto-commit

When publishing a project under source control, no check is in place whether all changes have been committed on all files. Also, publishing does not automatically commit the Json-file, meaning that there is a possibility of a disconnect between packages and the associated files. I would like to request the following features:

  • before publishing, check if all files have no local-only changes;
  • after publishing, automatically commit the Json-file with an informative message, e.g publish v1.0.123.4567
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It’s same situation if you are working on a Visual Studio Project: Before Release, make sure you have updated the changes with your Repository, Resolve Conflicts or Merges. Additionally Robot would have to know Repo Credentials, Type of Source Control System…
Source Control Management is a Developer Responsibility I guess :wink:

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What would be even nicer in my opinion is when publishing and commiting can be linked completely. So when you publish and fill in the “release notes” field it uses that as a commit message and after the publish commits all changes and the project.json and appends the version to the commit message. This way there’s only 1 action to be done and all is synced-up properly.

There’s probably some scenarios that need to be checked automatically to ensure the commit won’t fail and you may want to have an overview of what files changed (maybe an extra step in the publish process that includes the files overview similar as in the regular commit window).

This would really make life easier and ensure consistency in how publications and commits are done.