Pre-Installation Checklist For Automation Suite Deployment

What are the pre-requisites to install Automation Suite latest version?

Note: It is recommended to check several things before installing an Automation Suite to ensure that the installation completes successfully within 45 minutes for a single-node setup, or within 2.5 hours for the primary multi-node setup.


Ipv4 forward: cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

The result must be 1, in case the result is 0 please run the following commands in order to enable it:

  1. Modify the config file that contains the ipv4 configuration.
  • vi /etc/sysctl.conf

  1. Change the ip_forward from 0 to 1, in case the net.ipv4.ip_forward is not there, add the configuration same as the example.
  2. Apply the changes with the following command:
  • sudo sysctl -p

SELinux: cat /etc/selinux/config

  1. The result needs to be disabled, in case the setting is in permissive or enforcing please modify this file and change the SELinux config to disable.
  • vi /etc/selinux/config

  1. Restart the node.

FIPS: fips-mode-setup –check

The result of this command needs to be disabled. In case the customer is using fips or service not found in case the customer is not using it, this is one way to disable fips:

  1. Edit the /etc/default/grub file as root or with sudo privileges:
  • vi /etc/default/grub

  1. Find the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX line and add the following parameter to the end of the line:
  • fips=0

  1. Update the GRUB configuration file by running:
  • sudo update-grub

  1. Reboot the system for the changes to take effect:
  • sudo reboot

Note: This is one approach but if the Linux admin from the customer side has a different approach is ok if at the end fips is disable.

  1. Firewalld: systemctl status firewalld
If the result of this command is enabled, it is required to disable it with the following commands:
  • Systemctl stop firewalld
  • Systemctl disable firewalld

Note: firewalld needs to be disable always in Automation Suite single or multi-node.

  1. Fapolicyd: systemctl status fapolicyd

If the result is enable you need to disable it with the following command:

  • Systemctl stop fapolicyd
  • Systemctl disable fapolicyd

ANTI-VIRUS: Use Crowdstrike Falcon Sensor Antivirus as an example.

  1. systemctl status falcon-sensor

The result of the command needs to be disabled while installing, in case the antivirus is enabled please run the following commands:

  • systemctl stop falcon-sensor
  • systemctl disable falcon-sensor


Disable these services if there are available with the following command:

  • - systemctl disable nm-cloud-setup.service
  • - systemctl disable nm-cloud-setup.timer

In order to apply changes, restart the server after disabling.

AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions)

If using UiPath Apps, the CPU must support AVX, this is a change required to be performed at the bios level.