Practice with ReFramework

I am doing certification on academy advance rpa developer. But in Practice with Reframework module, I have submitted the code but still submitted in previous date and show 00/100 points. Can you help what can I do?

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Where you’re submitting the code?


I share you screen shot


I think the problem with the browser could you please upload it by using IE or EDGE.


It is resolved to use edge browser but still give me 0 points 0/100 and request to resubmit.


I think the problem with the code. Could you please recheck the code and submit it by using Edge.


I have checked again and again all are fine. but still giving me 0 points very soon.

Hi @sks

Can you please check whether you are used current work item as per the PDD for respective assessment?

It could be a reason. Don’t reset your database once submitted for evaluation.

Thank you.

I have checked my code several time but Still giving me 0 point. If I have mistaken it should give some marks but It is giving me 0 point that looks problem in academy.uipath portal?

have you tried to check your output of the process manually?
usull 0/100 means you get the wrong output

i suggest process 1 or 2 item manually then compare it to output from your robot

All process is working fine. there are no issue related to output.

comment contains correct security hash - Pay close attention on the formula ([ClientID]-[ClientName]-[ClientCountry] - Example: AD38755-Austin Villacorta-Italy) with no spaces

are you sure your output on the right format? with NO SPACES and the right information?

Yes my output is in same format? no issue in output

Its actually the most likely outcome that your work is incorrect as if there was an issue with the website then there would likely be alot more forum posts of people flagging the issue.

Its common for people to post that they get 0/100 and think the site is at fault when its actually their bot/work. The scoring system doesn’t work as you might think, as in you’ll get some points for doing xyz correctly. I don’t know the details but I am pretty sure its automatic grading and largely based on the output in the ACME website.

The most likely issue is that you misinterpretted the PDD and unfortunately the data in the website is wrong so when its checked you fail.
I actually am not sure your code is checked. I wanted to test at some point by uploading some cat pictures with the correct answers in the ACME site but didn’t want to mess with the site too much and fail at the time :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have no answer that’s ok. thanks to giving the reply. but sure some problem in academy.UiPath portal.

Ok, I feel I did give an answer, which was that you insisting the academy is wrong, and you are right, when no-one else seems to be experiencing issues is most likely wrong and suggested you went back to double check the PDD and everything.
If you are unwilling to do that and insist the site is at fault, uniquely for you, then ok. I wish you the best of luck in determining the issue with the site.

I upload screen shot. I hope it is better to understand what is problem it is?