Practice Assignment in level 3 - How to begin?


Yes it worked, thanks a lot…


Adding what i IMed

  1. You have not done the mapping in the invoke of GetTransactionData WF for filtereddata
    and your direction is wrong in the WF for the argument filtereddata it should be in only
    Change and try

  2. From filterWF its out then it gets mapped to a global variable that is defined in main(you have done this)
    after that you pass it to the gettransactiondata when you process it one by one and then there is out_transationitem

  3. why do you use in/out type?
    In your case its just out and you get that into a variable and then print that variable.count.tostring

and you do not need to write and read the value using a workflow like you have created ‘filteredData’
Simply after the Extarct you get a datatable ‘extractedData’. Change filteredData variable to array of datarow
after that you use and assign and simply do the below:
filteredData = extractedData.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ And Status=‘Open’”)

Thats it.
Now just map this to your GetTransaction Data filtereddata variable


HI Nadim,

As per the document - for Learning purpose - They have not mentioned to create a REF project for Dispatcher. As per the steps written and screenshot shared, it looks that we need to create a blank process and read the excel file and other things. If we need to create REF project here for dispatcher then where are we suppose to write the all the below logic. Is it in the Init or Get Transaction? or Do we need to create all this logic independently( blank process) and integrate it here (but how).



As mentioned, you can just create one sequence and not use the whole framework.
You should be good as the same is mentioned in the steps.


Hi Nadim,

Thanks for the response. But when I checked the dispatcher of another user they have created this dispatcher in REF framework .This dispatcher contains the logic which I created in one (blank sequence). So I would like to understand the way where and how to integrate this sequence with REF. Do we need to add the dispatcher.xaml in Main.xaml or Is there any steps inside REFframework 4 stages where we can add this file.Below screenshot is of another user who have done it but I couldn’t understand how-


Actually in this case the person as i said just created on sequence which he/she is running separately and then running the performer.

No need to integrate it into the framework :slight_smile:


Thanks Nadim.

So I did create a separate blank process - Dispatcher.
For Performer I am using REF framework and while developing the first and only solved exam (Advanced tutorial)I faced one issue in Page number 5 of the document. While my performer is runing and trying to write ‘Username’ and ‘password’ in respective textboxes,it is unable to distinguish two different textboxes and writing both username and password in the same (first found) textbox. Please guide.

Inside Attach window I am indicating username and textbox -


There are more queries -
Query 1 : In the Init.Xaml it is mentioned to open application activity. But where to drop this activity.

I did it inside the catch block. Do we need to delete the other acitivites which have come by default with this like Initialize System error and If condtion and Invoke workflow

Query 2 : On page 7 it say to change the filename path and then after invoking UIdemo_Login asking to pass the credential .

This is my InitAll Importargument-Not able to understand where to make changes mentioned above( file name ) and then second for (pass the credential)

For second (pass the credential) I have invoked UIDemo_login .But then what to do with the in_credential?

Uploading the Document which I am referring to and giving the page number reference for creating this example.d86948730787ecbf217dd641993c919118e3524d.pdf (614.8 KB)

Also my project file for better understanding my doubts.project.json (742 Bytes)
And my main.xaml Main.xaml (54.3 KB)

Your Guidance is much needed.


you need to do that with the xaml not the state machine as you have done now.
In you project you have a Framework folder inside which you can find the xaml, alternately just above the part where you have added the open application you can right click on the invoke activity and select open workflow :slight_smile:

Actually the logic is that the open sequence is created as a separate xaml and the it is invoked from the initallapplication.xaml
when you use the invoke the steps is that you pass the path of the UiDemo.exe file as an input to the xaml.
so this path is configured in the Config file as a key value pair. where key is UiDemoPath and the value will be the path.

similarly the credential is expected to come from the Orchestrator asset credential again whose name is configured in the Config file.
The part you have highlighted is the expression to get the value of the key. (the config file is loaded in the beginning as a dictionary variable which is a key value set)

see if you are able to understand what i have mentioned. If any confusion let me know. the above is important before you proceed with the rest.


Hi Nadim,

Please reply for the query posted one above as well.



Ok so for Query 1 - I understood that I have to use Initallapplication.xaml. So does this mean there is no change required in Main.xaml like I was doing?

And where you mentioned :

Here are you asking to create a new blank sequence or new xaml file?


new xaml and invoke that from the initallapplication.xaml


Thanks Nadim,
Please reply to one query as well- (it was posted above the current query)


Hi Nadim,

Please reply.


this is because your selector for the activity is not complete and pointing to the same text box.
can you share both the selectors?

sorry for the delay


Hi Nadim,

Thanks for replying. I am able to progress with the selectors for username and password but now facing problem in the mouse click event for Log in .Below image shows the selector and settings of mouse

login button is clicked when we run the UIpath studio but there is some issue with the Click event so the Demo app is unable to launch. Can you please guide.


Here,Simulate Click option is unchecked in the settings of my mouse click. And I have taken ‘Click’ activity for this.Do I need to take ‘double click’ activity?


Hi Nadim,

Please see my query above and reply.



Im using the same click event and its working fine.

  1. Have you used AttachWindow ?
  2. Is you username/password correct?

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