Practice Assignment in level 3 - How to begin?


Hi @nadim.warsi can you please help me in this…Assignment1

  1. Your extraction process in Init is commented out.
  2. The variables of the login, and extract are not assigned in the invoke methods
  3. Post extraction you have to filter and then get the WIList which is a variable in the Main scope.
  4. Post that your GetTransacionItem WiList mapping is not done so the data does not flow into the process hence you get error in the If condition as WiList is null.


completed those issues, but now i am facing issue with 1st one, after i removing the comments and assigned values to arguments, now it is not able to run login workflow only.


have you done the mapping for the arguments in the invoke?
First click on Import Argument, then click on Edit Arguments and pass the required values and try.


@nadim.warsi Yeah i have done this. Today in company they updated studio to 2018.3 as i was using older version, now in new version i am unable to run the workflow. As i am getting errors like this:

30 31


its fine just goto ManagePackages and install the Credentials package


@nadim.warsi Thank you.

Is it necessary to follow PDD steps to complete assignment-1 ? Or can we implement our own logic? Because these steps are hectic at sometime.


i think you mean the walk through pdf steps. PDD you need to follow as its your requirement that you need to achieve by your bot :slight_smile:
Development approach is at will :slight_smile:


hi can u please elaborate this? i am stuck here…i have done remaining 3 points. but still same problem


this is the invoke of GetTransacionItem where an arg is there whose mapping you must do. Then only the WILIst will be available inside the workflow and you can use it and not get the error of null value in if condition



looks good. but make fliteredData as only In type in getTransationData and Out in FilterData


I have replaced as u said, but now i am facing this issue.



you have missed the argument update in the invoke for getTransactionData. Since you have updated the argument in the flow you need to click on Import arguments then edit arguments then you have to add the variable again.
Do this and try :slight_smile:


Hi Manju, First of all I would like to thank you and Nadim for detailed discussion on Uidemo Assignment, It helped me a lot, however Iam facing error while running the process after the Kill Process (Step before getting into Process.xaml)…Iam getting couple of errors … System error at initialization The given key was not present in the dictionary. at Source:mscorlib
and Close Application “UiDemo.exe UiDemo”:Cannot find Ui element corresponding to this selector…if iam able to login UiDemo succesffully shouldnt it then open it and then close application should close the same…
Can you please share your perfomer process…

Dear Nadim, You support needed as always


Could be because of the missing lof key value in the Setting tab.
Can you show you Setting tab of Config file?

I think this is a cascading error because after error you transit to end process where you are trying to logout but it did not login so selector error.


Thank you for the response, attached is the Config setting sheet


Still same :roll_eyes:


Yes seems you have removed the logger entry from here
Can you please check in Init State there is an activity ‘Add Log Fields’. You can remove it or you can add ‘logF_BusinessProcessName’ to your Setting tab and give it a value.


Check IM i have replied