Practice Assignment in level 3 - How to begin?


once all queue items get failed? again should i re-run the dispatcher?


yes :slight_smile:


Hi, Output data should be update?


Hi @nadim.warsi
one more thing, if suppose CashIn: 123.45
we are converting it to string i.e 12345 right?
but after when it is entering in to application, we are converting it to double again as in PDD,
but in application it is writing as CashIn: 12345.00 ?

any idea?
even i did changes as per PDD only.
If this issue is solved from 2row i can jump to Assignment 1 :wink:


actually you have missed one step.

After you read your data string assign add one more sequence in that do convert.ToDouble(CashIn.ToString) for all 3 variables and assign them to their double variables

After that comes your 1st check then the rest…like below


This condition is already used in decision, you want me to use one more sequence in betwwen those (Red box indicated)

This is the sequence which i have done before and placed in 1st position of flowchart:


yes one more seq to convert to dbl values an then the condition.


Yes i have done the same thing as you said, but still it is working as i have described above


send across your workflow let me test :slight_smile:


Sequence 1

Sequence 2



your seq 2 is not part of the workflow after 1st seq where you have red block?


Seq2 already added in between those activity…neglect red box


wht is the error you are getting? all invalid data?


No…its entering all data…but not in double format

if CashIn input is: 123.45

Even i used log message and passed CashIn into that: output is 123.45
even i used notepad and passed CashIn into that: Output is 123.45
But only when it is entering to UIDemo app : Output is 12345.00

funny part is, even i tried to type manually into UiDemo app : it is not taking decimal values


Hi @nadim.warsi i just want to run uidemo application by providing credentials to it through Assset>>Orchestrator without using REFramework. Because i want to check how exactly Assets can be used in real time , so is this possible ?


I thiink you are already doing that.
We did that when you called the GetAppCredentials.xaml :slight_smile:


Ya, i want to know without REFramework… Using Asset credentials i want to open any other application without using GetAppCredentials…simple workflow (different example) … Get values from asset credentials and login to respective app…


so basically you can simply do the process that is done in the getAppCredentials in your own process.
Create a login workflow
At the start use a GetCredentail activity - pass the asset name in the properties and your outputs are username and password which you can assign to local variables and then use in your typeInto


Yeah i completed this. Thank you so much. Working on Assignment 1 now :wink:


@nadim.warsi (2.1 MB)

Hi, i have attached assignment-1, can you please verify it? as i have commented few activities, please take a look on those activities as well