Practice Assignment in level 3 - How to begin?


no, one more plain asset UiDemoPath which is of text type and in that value will be the path of your UiDemo.exe (full path till the exe)


still same problem


Screenshot of the issue and also your orchestrator assets page


Config.xlsx (19.7 KB)


can you send me your project as a zip
You can IM it to me


IM means?

#88 (1.7 MB) (1.8 MB)




Sure brother. Take your own time :wink:


I have run your process and its working fine.
Please add one more entry to the config file
Name: logF_BusinessProcessName Value:UiDemo

And run your process from Main. It will run properly. :slight_smile:


Can i know what it make changes?


actually in your init there is a log activity. That uses this entry from config. If this is not there you will get an error.
So 2 things can be done. remove that activity or add this entry :slight_smile:


added, but still i have few more steps right? and in _Test.xaml is that enough? or may i invoke all xaml?


this helps you test your xamls. So which ever you want to test you add there.
I have run your workflow until the login and its working fine till there after doing the above change
If you have done all the steps you can run from main and see.


Yeah until Login it is working fine, lets see i will complete my all steps, only Process is left now , i hope it works :slight_smile: still i have to complete assignment 1 & 2. : :expressionless:


UiPath_REFrameWork execution started
Killing processes…
Opening applications…
Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 1. The given key was not present in the dictionary. at Source: Get Transaction Item
Process finished due to no more transaction data
Closing applications…
UiPath_REFrameWork execution ended in: 00:00:37


@nadim.warsi My Bad, the QueueName was different in Get Transaction Data, now i changed it and Run the Main.xaml
It is reading all 106 values but throwing same error to all data as:

Transaction Started
Processing Transaction Number: 81
Transaction Ended
Business rule exception.Input Data Invalid
Transaction Started
Processing Transaction Number: 82
Transaction Ended
Business rule exception.Input Data Invalid
Transaction Started
Processing Transaction Number: 83
Transaction Ended
Business rule exception.Input Data Invalid


That is because of the validation you have in your code if value is not correct right?


yeah, but it is throwing to all 106 values


Both your throws have same Business exception new BusinessRuleException("Input Data Invalid")
not correct make the second one Value to Large or something

Also can you show me one of your items i the queue? What are values you have pushed?
Seems some issue with your values.