Practice Assignment in level 3 - How to begin?


Not at all, i have not added…it may be added automatically by GetAppCredentials


But they have mentioned like this in PDD??


can you please show me the arguments for Invoke of Login worklow in init and not the getAppCredential?



please do this mapping. This is the reason for the error.
Do you have the credentials name defined in config file? if yes please use the config to get the variable value like you did for UiDemo.exe


The Config dictionary is already used as input argument in the InitAllApplications.xaml workflow, so let’s change the filename path to in_Config(“UiDemoPath”).ToString. Next, we need to invoke the UiDemo_Login workflow, import the arguments, and pass the Credential from the Config dictionary, as follows**: in_Config(“UiDemoCredential”).ToString.**

this is what you are talking?

the same thing i have already asked you…


In the above invoke can you add this : in_Config(“UiDemoCredential”).ToString

This should be part of your config and your orchestrator


Yes i have added this to

this is what i am getting confused…on which name i should create in Orchestrator ?

and in config file what all changes i need to do?


In config name and value put UiDemoCredential (same thing)
in Orchestartor create a asset of type credential and its should be UiDemoCredential


can you please cross check my recent post…i did changes


in Asset/Settings sheet


correct, that looks good.
But your config and orchestrator changes do like i said.


settings sheet


should i add anything in asset sheet >> config file? as it is blank as of now


not required :slight_smile:
one question though, your UiDemo.exe path is in settings sheets only?


it looks like this:


you have missed steps then.
If you dont have the path in config defined then how are you using it below?

Add that as well in the settings sheet and in the value cell add the path where your UiDemo.exe is present


as they have mentioned in pdd
" so let’s use the Config file again and write the Asset name in the Assets sheet. It should look like this:
Name : UiDemoPath Value : UiDemoPath


ok, you can switch between sheets.
If you want to use setting you can and if you want to use assets you can.
Assets overrides the setting sheet if you have anything there with same name.

So if you want to use assets sheet then add the uidemopath there and use it

After that you can move to orchestrator and finish the settings there


as we have only one Queue in Orchestrator which is created for Dispatcher i.e
Name: dispatcherUiDemoQ
one asset in orchestrator i.e

UiDemoCredential >> as Credential type >> UN and PWD willl be admin and password

is this enough?