Practice Assignment in level 3 -Calculate HashCode Security


So how we inctrement transaction number if we remove Set transaction status

You have to remove that single activity “Set Transaction Satus” in then block under if else activity below that you can see an assign statement which says

io_transactionnumber = io_transactionnumber +1

I see what you talk about. I try to print the transaction ID but i have the same TransactionID in many times. I want to see all Transaction IDs

Can you please share your Set transaction Xaml file.

SetTransactionStatus.xaml (52.8 KB)

It works. I assign 0 to transactionNumber in th main and while i invoke GetTransaction i bind in_TransactionNumber with TransactionNumber

Thanks you for your help; Now i know the importance of binding arguments

It was frustrating


Great, hope it is all working now.

It is all working now. But i don’t know how to upload correctly . When i upload it takes just 1 minute and print 0/100 . I test an re test all works fine

You have to keep all the files in one folder. Zip the folder and upload it.

Yes that what i do . (531.7 KB)

Is it the right format we pass to have hash code ?

There is a space at the start of the above format, you can use trim like in_Details.Substring(in_Details.IndexOf(“Client ID”)+10, IndexClient-12).Trim

PLease look at this. The transaction number continue after th in_WI_List.Count . In this picture we have 10 items but it stil continues and go to 11 .

Default Transaction number should be one, its zero in your xaml file

Wich xaml file? I put 1 in the main

yes in the mail xaml file. Is it still giving error ?

Yes it is still giving error : Assign: Cannot create an L-value from the given expression with property ‘set_Item’ because the target object is null.

Can you share your file once again. (531.7 KB)