Practice 4 Library - Can't extract rows by vendor id

Dear everyone,

I’m stuck in the Practice 4 - Updating a Library and using the updated Library. There is a part when after extracting all the Invoices numbers, we need to only get the ones according to the previously selected Vendor Tax ID(from ACME´s website).
However, I follow the Solution file, but I get “all” the invoices in my Excel file instead. I don´t really understand the Solution provided by MyAcademy.
It uses an If statement to solve this but it doesn´t work! I have attached some screenshots as reference.

The Variant ExtractedDataTable has the “whole” Data Table extracted, and the Variant VendorTaxID is the user´s Input, so the only Invoices by IDs that I really want in the Excel file (for example DE325476).

So to summarize, from all the DataTable information from ExtractedDataTable, I only want to Write Range in an Excel file the rows according to the chosen vendor ID, coming from the variant VendorTaxIDs.

I would appreciate any help to solve this problem!
Thanks in advance!

This is my result, but I would only like to get the rows with one determined IDs, instead I get all of them.