Practice 3 Level 3 review system is broken. 0/100 with correct items

The evaluation system for Practice 3, Level 3 does not work at all. Why?

Because I’ve submitted a 45 ~ minute video with the practice 3 and the platform has reviewed it in under 2 minutes with a 0/100. I’ve also submitted a .zip file, as well as other videos.

When I check the orchestrator 100/100 of items are in a successful state and the log console shows no errors.

Can any reviewer PLEASE help me? I sent a message on Friday to the contact team but I received no answer at all so I really don’t know what to do anymore.

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Hi @Pedro_Rodriguez

In the academy, if you click on the result, you will see the evaluation statistics that mentions the number of items, completed items and correct items.

You have to make sure the completed items and correct items match the number of items or it should at least have a close enough value for you to pass the practical evaluation.

Orchestrator queue may have as all successful, but you might not have updated the activities as complete or may not have updated the records correctly.

If this is the client security hash assignment, make sure the hash code formula is correct. It is on of the common mistakes that happen regularly.

Check it out and make sure those are correct and try again…

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Hi Lahiru,

The assignment ALWAYS says 0/100 and 0 correct items, no matter what orchestrator says.
This is the Generate Yearly Report assignment, not the Client Security one.

The dispatcher works fine.
The processor downloads every report in the right format, creates an xlsx file, uploads it and then uploads the item with the right confirmation id. And does that for every transaction item.

PS: I’m not the only one having problems with the reviewing system.

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These are the steps you need to follow in order to pass the assignment:

  1. Reset test data
  2. Run dispatcher
  3. Run processor (while Screen Recording from UiPath Academy)
  4. Go to Acme System 1 -> User options -> Check correct items
  5. Check in the previous page that all items are in a completed state
  6. Deliver the assignment (don’t reset the test data)

Some additional steps:

  • Trim the leading spaces for Tax ID and Confirmation ID.
  • Beware of the timeouts for click/on element appear/type into activities.
  • Update the Wi5 elements with the confirmation ID and no leading message (‘Updated with confirmation ID’).

PS: To review the assignment UiPath checks the completed elements on this page
That’s the only thing their robot cares about, so don’t get frustrated if you deliver a zip and you get a 0/100 in less than one minute. What they are checking is that page exclusively.

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