Practice 3 - Data Scraping & UI Elements


I’m having problems understanding this excercise. In the solution provided it says:
“Use a ‘Find Element’ activity to ensure that, at runtime, the page is loaded before starting the Data Scraping. Use ‘Indicate on Screen’ and indicate the first catalog item on the webpage.”
The only contact I had with the ACME-site, in a previous excercise, it looks like this:

What element am I supposed to indicate/select? Feels like I’m on the wrong page?

Generally, the assignment / exercise start with Login to ACME, the navigating to Work Items and then performing data scraping to obtain all the work items. Does this help ?


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Hello @Rikard_Isaksson,
Yup, you are in the wrong place for the Data scraping sequence.
In order to proceed with the data scraping you have to navigate to Work Items using a Click activity.
You can then use the ‘Find element’ activity or an ‘Element Exist’ activity on the UI-Element “Work Items” (which I’ve indicated with the green box in the screen shot)

Here’s the screenshot sample:.

If you need further clarifications feel free to post them here. I’ll try to help you out as best as I can.

Have a great day! :vulcan_salute:


You need to indicate the Dashboard in the find element activity. and then use a if activity to check whether you have logged in successfully.

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Hi @Rikard_Isaksson, Please use Element Exists Activity and then click on “Indicate on Screen” option. Then on ACME site, indicate the “Dashboard” as the element and then go to edit selector and instead of “Dashboard” type * there so when you go to Work-Items, it can capture that too.

I hope it helps. For any query, please do let me know.


[Update: I didn’t notice the topic was 3 months old, sorry for bumping it…]

I ran into the same issue (if I understand you correctly). The exercise asks to get “Components” from some page in the ACME website, but there is no such page. I found out that if you download the solution zip, there is actually a folder with .html and .css files that contains the page they refer to. If you open the Main.xaml from the solution zip you can see they open the page from file, not from web, and skip the login. The “acmeUrl” variable used in the “Open Browser” activity is “file:///C:/AcademyProjects/AcmeCatalogRobot/acme/index.html”.

Hope this clears things up a bit?


I am finding a Prob while doing this Practice 3. Do not know where to start taking screen shots.

Yes this is the correct answer to get the expected data for Practice 3 under UI Interactions. Seems like the practice exercise for this one needs a little cleanup to make it more workable. Thanks Jeroen.

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