Practice 1 - Get and Sort Data Wrong Solution!

Hi everyone,
I´m trying to understand the solution for the Selectors in the Practice 1 - Get and Sort Data. The Practice is:
Create a workflow that generates 10 fake names along with their details and then sorts them in an excel file that will be organized in 5 columns namely: Name, Phone, Birth-date, Email-Address and City, State, Zip. After sorting all the details, the workflow should continue to save the excel file in a specified folder.

Use the site to generate the 10 fake names along with their details.
All selectors must not contain idx attributes.
All of the activities starting with the first record generation to the last activity which is saving the excel file in a specific folder should be processed in one workflow execution.

So, when I come to the part to extract the Address the solution is to make these Selectors dynamic to not be affected by the Index. However, the solution is outdated.
It says:
To get the City, State, Zip: Add a Get Text activity and use Indicate on screen to select the City, State, Zip value on the website. Store the result in a new Generic Variable, citiyStateZip .
Check the selector. We have an idx.
To solve this:
Click Open in UI Explorer or simply open UI Explorer and make sure the Visual Tree panel is open.
Use highlighting and check for the lowest level parent where you could use a different property, like aaname instead of idx.
In our case it’s the third one from the bottom up.

I try to manipulate the Selectors from the third one from the bottom up as it is indicated in the screenshot with the *. However, the Selectors look quite different and I´m not able to replace these as in the example without getting errors.

Could anyone please tel me where to find the Selector nowadays in the tree, and how I should make them dynamic with the asterisks *.
I have attached screenshot from the old solution, and how it looks in my tree.
Thanks in advance!

The old Solution that doesn´t work:

How it looks in my Selectors following the instructions:

Hi @emilsilva333

You can try using css selector or regex based selector approach

Because css selector rely on the unique attributes to find the element

Regex selector helps to find the element by some regex pattern


Nived N :robot::robot:

Happy Automation :relaxed::relaxed:

Dear Nived N,
I checked some videos about regex based on selector approach and solved it!
Thank you very much for your fast answer!
Have a great day!

Kind regards,

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