Practical UI Automation practice

In real life cases, what is the criteria and proportion of choosing a “Recording” to create a workflow Versus creating a workflow manually using individual activities.


In my opinion, there is no real criteria. Sometimes, Recording helps when building Automations in the “developer” fashion.

But if you use Recording, make sure it works the first time, then reopen your target application (or refresh your browser page) and then try running the recorded steps. If it works then you have a reliable repeatable recording. If not, you have to modify your recording the “developer” way to make sure it adapts to real-time data.

Example: Getting information off a weather widget using recording may work today, but will likely fail tomorrow because tomorrow the date and weather pattern will change. If your Robot can’t make out that difference, the Recording has to be modified to make sure it works on all days.

Hi Andy, thanks for writing i understand the difference of using each of them.