Practical Exam : using Data Filter Table activity for integer doesn't work


I’ve finished my first attempt at the practical exam and something wasn’t right.

For the practical exam, it is asked to use the data filter table activity for three datas. Two of them are of String type, the third one is an integer.

However, after several attemps and some searching, I discovered that integers are not working properly in the Filter Data Table activity and failed to succeed my robot because I’ve wasted the time I’ve had finding why the robot wasn’t working and trying to find another solution.

I understand that the data filter table activity will be fixed soon, however it’s unfortunate that the practical exam asks to use a feature that is not working properly, compromising the success of the exam.

If anyone has a solution for this issue, please tell in this topic for future tries and future applicants !

Hi @GLaude,

Can you provide your expression you have used and the excel file?