Practical Exam to get Advanced certifiction

Hello my fiends,

I just failed my exam but the retrospective is very general and I do not have a clear idea about what evaluator considered that was wrong ( although I tested it more than 10 times).

I consider that criterias are very stricts taking into account that maybe there is an automatic process which scores each project only validating xaml withput contemplating structure and functionality.

Check TransactionItem Varaible and arguments data type to be the correct one,
Please make sure you’ve used the proper activities for loging in ACME platform. ,
Check separate xaml file for close ACME, with correct definition and functionality. ,
Please make sure you’ve read the statement of the exercise and clearly understood it and also used the proper URL and credentials for ACME,
Please make sure you have properly named your input activities.,
Please make sure you’re using the most optimal and correct way of interacting with your queue items.

Failing is a vital part of improving so please do not be discouraged nor disappointed (if you are). Someone has to point out what could’ve been better.

If you wish I could go over your project and give you feedback. Feel free to send me a private message containing the project.

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I am not discouraged my friends maybe I feel a little bad because I did my best and I dont get pass

Great! That means you’ll pass it on a short-term basis. Good luck on your next attempt buddy.