Hi all , i want to copy the file from one folder to another one , so i used power shell activity when i try to run the flow getting a error as Invoke power shell: A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument ‘C:\Users\Desktop\abc.txt’
how to solve this prob!


The error states that your power shell script does not accept this positional argument. What is in your power shell script?

Hi @naveen19,

If you want to copy file from one folder to another folder, we have a activity in Uipath, which copies file from one folder to another

Copy File activity.


not copying a single file , want to copy a folder from one to other and then repeatedly.

Can you modify your question accordingly, because your question says copy the file from one folder to another one.

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Check this thread:

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but i want to use invoke powershell activity bro

Is the script working fine when executed directly? I think we would need to see the power shell script to understand the issue.

it was worked but now throws error

So I believe the issue is with your power shell script itself.

s think so, i dont 've any clue on it