Powershell usage?

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Could someone please help me to figure out what’s the ‘main’ usage of PowerShell activities within Studio?

Look, I am not querying about the PowerShell value itself, I am just wondering what’s the purpose of it when it comes to Studio, and some good examples if possible, for the situations when we’d rather to use it instead of using the ordinary/core activities (such as get folder / clicks and so on…)

When it comes to scalability and best practices as well as maintenance, it would be better to use PowerShell (invoke) or try to avoid it by using the ‘normal’ panel activities (clicks, folder, etc…).

I’m actually wondering why we see various RPA job offers asking candidates to have advanced PowerShell skills, that’s interesting since if a developer creates a PowerShell code, uses it in the bot through PowerShell activities and then let’s pretend that out of blue this develop just quits the company and the bot needs to be handed over to a new developer who doesn’t know anything about PowerShell… Wouldn’t it be a risk? I mean, as a good practice it’s preferable to always carry out the whole automation by putting together the logic through studio rather than invoking external codes (PowerShell, VBA, JS, and so on…) ?

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RPA is evolving and their are way to accomplish tasks and people do the way they are strong at, also depends on client who would allow certain things to be done which are best suited for them and not best suited for the developer

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Hi @Felipe_Kotinda

That is interesting observation !!

As RPA developer I always try to take advantage of my knowledge in Python (in my case) and the main reason is to reduce the Bot build time and to reduce the complexity in the workflow itself.

I’m pretty sure that the task accomplished by invoking external code can be achieved without using any of the external code like JS, PowerShell, Python, etc but at cost of complexity and development time.

Whenever bots are less complex maintenance will be easy. Bot development time is one of the important factors (from customer/business point) because as long as the bot is still in development, the process is still a manual process which means it is a cost to the business even after automation solution is available.

It is always a good practices to have documentation of bot developed, it is more important if there are components that are not UiPath like codes/scripts from other languages and these documents are used for knowledge transfer if a developer joins when the one developed the bot quits.

hope this answer your questions

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RPA is all about integrating different technologies and generally you are using it to bridge different applications/processes/technologies together.

PowerShell is one of the primary tools of choice for configuring and managing Windows, and there are many capabilities available natively through PowerShell for various IT operations on a Windows machine that are difficult to access through other locations. So it would be quite reasonable for an IT department to provide a specific PowerShell which is part of an operation on a machine where you would want/need to invoke the PS script to perform those capabilities, while needing other RPA capabilities to perform the entire IT automation.