Powershell not working as expected

Hi Guys! :slight_smile:

I’m facing an issue with a powershell command.
We use a powershell activity in order to kill explorer (we can’t use kill process due to an issue related to orchestrator).

We often receive the following error:

PowerShell command errors:
ERROR: unable to end the “iexplore.exe” process with PID xxxx.
Reason: No instance of execution of the activity.

Someone faced the same issue?

This isn’t a direct answer, but what is the issue with Orchestrator? Kill process should invoke a kill for all processes of the same name without the need of a powershell activity.

Also, based on that error, it looks like you’re passing a PID which does not match that of the iexplore.exe task.

See if this would work better for you:
I put a delay of couple of seconds using delayBefore the exit command.

Hi @Francesca_Piras,

This should work.

Main.xaml (4.4 KB)