Powershell command not able to find the response type

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to invoke the following command in powershell with module
“Get-ADUser -filter * -Properties MemberOf”.
However, the result type from get-member is: Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADUser
I couldn’t find this type or thirdparty nuget to use the result.
Where can I import the type? Or is there a cast mechanism for me to cast this into types that uipath has naively?


Hi @Guang_Yang1,
Try maybe to search for MemberOf attribute inside each user properties like:

Get-ADUser < username > | select *

You will see all attributes so then you can change * for particular attribute which I guess is MemberOf (not sure).


Thanks Pablito for the reply. I did exactly that. The full script now is listed below because name information is all I need.

Get-ADUser -filter * -Properties MemberOf|select-object -expandproperty name |foreach{$_| Out-string }

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