PowerShell Activitie - Powershell Windows Open

Hi, I have some problem with powershell.

I’ve always use this activity but now everytime I Start the Process, The powershell windows open. If I Start th job again, powershell opens another powershell window. I thougth maybe can be because the activity so I’ve erased the activity and Start The process again but then powershell window opens again.

There is some way to disable powershell windows open?

This Starts to happened since I’ve used the Invoke Powershell Activity.

Help me please


if you dont want to see the windows open then have you tried checking the checkbox in the image?

If you want the windows not to display and also if you want to run all commands in a single line please refer to the below link which gives you a fair idea on how to achieve what you are looking for…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi There, Sorry was a mistake with a HotKey Activity at the beginning. I was using a Ctrl+D shortcut to clean the desktop but I don’t know why thi was opening a new pwoershell window.

Case closed

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