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How can we use a power point i uipath

  1. By searching the forum
  2. By using UiAutomation inbuilt in UiPath
  3. By calling VBA commands
  4. By creating custom activities connecting to powerpoint.



Here hot keys are not working then I need to copy pie chart in to power point slide
How can we copy that in to power point

The way I did it for one client was to use OCR click text to literally right click on the image, then send hot keys to copy and paste and place it into a different Excel / Powerpoint doc.

I’m pushing UiPath to increase the number of Word / Excel and PP activities - @Cosmin_Ion_Nicolae :wink:


Yes I got it now
Using click I performed

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varunk, would you be so kind to provide some examples which are working?

Hi @Aggi,

I have some data in excel,For that I need to prepare a pie chart & copy the pie chart in power point

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Hi @varunk,
1.To prepare the Pie chart in the excel . You can use the below activity.

2.To insert the copied image into the PowerPoint . You can use Insert Picture this activity.



use send hot keys

Hi @varunk,
Yes indeed we can use the power point
have developed some sample robot which does the following :

1.Open the Powerpoint
2.Create the Presentation File
3.Create new Slide
4.Add titles
5.Adding of Picture

Do find the Attached Sample :slight_smile:

Power_point.zip (8.8 KB)

slide.Shapes.AddPicture(“D:\Users\Default User\Documents\UiPath\Power_point\logo.jpg”,Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoTriState.msoFalse,Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoTriState.msoTrue,shape.Left,shape.Top,shape.Width,shape.Heigh)

Note:- To the above line request you to change the path in-order to run the above code

Sanjay Shankhla

After opening the projects, I am getting similar errors in all the shared projects

Could not find type ‘BalaReva.PowerPoint.InsertSlide’ in assembly ‘BalaReva.PowerPoint’. Row: 58, Column: 6
Could you please help me.I am new to UIPath

Hi ,
1. First install the package as below.

  1. Close the studio. Open it again.

Thank you