PowerBI Dashboard Orchestrator Query Manage Relationships

Hello Friends! I am in need of some help please, thanks so much!

I am working on creating a dashboard within PowerBI and am wanting to zone in on some areas. I would love some feedback in getting started with the below! (Do I need to create more query’s or create relationships?, etc.)

  1. Average Run Time (per process): the start and end time average for my processes (Looking to use the last 10 runs as the “average”)
  2. Number of issues / publishes for a certain package
  3. Showing the versions data for all packages, not just one at a time

Any knowledge / tips, on the action steps to complete the three above would be so helpful, as I am new to UI Path, Orch and PowerBI.

FYI: I currently have a query that contains all my processes from Orch - see image below.