Power your next email campaign with Mailchimp, Microsoft Teams, CRM and OpenAI integrations

You’re invited to our next interactive Connector Corner webinar presentation this coming December 19 at 10:00am EST. We will show you some simple, yet powerful ways of deploying additional systems to help expand CRM automated workflows in your organization.

Product Manager @AkshayAgnihotri will explain and demo the following ‘how to’:

  • Connect CRM with Mailchimp, as an alternative email provider
  • Automatically add a new CRM sales lead/contact to your existing subscription list
  • Use a time-based trigger to kick-off a weekly email campaign
  • Generate email content via the OpenAI Connector, and send the email to all contacts—including the new contact just added to your subscription list

Please join us by registering here for December 19 at 10:00am EST, or here for 3:00 pm BST.

Also, feel free to browse our exciting new Connector Corner demo collection.