Power Query

Good morning, i am a new user at UiPath Studio.
I have this problem to resolve.
I need to recuperate an excel file from an network address (like C:temp/…) .
Then, i have to update this file using PowerQuery.
Once the file is updated , i have to save it with the following name: YYYYMMDD format.
This task should be made every day at 17h00.
I would really appreciated if you could give me some advice or suggestion on how to implement this using UiPath Studio and orchestrator.
Thanks in advance,


Welcome to the community

Getting file can be done by copy file from network to local

Coming to power query…i dont think you can run directly…instead create a macro for the power query and use invoke macro or vba activity to execute that

Hope this helps


Thank you Anil_G,
I will follow your suggestions.
Have a good start of the week.

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