Power BI -> Orchestrator API/SQL Server

Hi all,

I have a couple of clients that do not have Insights. They already have Business Intelligence tools in their environment. Most of them have Power BI. Are there any proven ways as to how to connect Power BI to the Orchestrator Database?

Is there any documentation around this topic? I haven’t seen this done and want to understand if it is possible to create a robust solution that would refresh once a week to just give snapshots of that time. If anyone has any insights here, please reply and/or reach out.

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Hi Ron,

If you have an On Prem orchestrator, have you considered connecting your SQL instance as a Source in Power BI? You could check Microsoft documentation on how to connect Power BI to an SQL server.

I have not done it before, but I know it is fairly simple to connect to a SQL server on prem by providing credentials and selecting a SQL view.

But a lot of folks have Orc Cloud - How would I approach these clients?

Yeah, that’s a little bit more tricky (I’m actually looking at it myself, but to exploit the results with Kibana). Orchestrator cloud allows you to dump the logs in a storage location from one of the major Cloud Providers (Exporting logs). You can then exploit them from there.

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Here’s a blog post I wrote that should help you - Intro to Logging - RPA Reporting and Analytics | UiPath

Keep in mind, our marketplace solution is only for the on-prem orchestrator. For reporting from the cloud orchestrator, you can leverage the orchestrator APIs or if you’re just interested in logs, the log export feature and connect your cloud storage of choice to power BI. That being said, a lot of people find reporting via APIs to be difficult.

for your on-prem orch, DEFINITELY do not connect your orchestrator db directly to power BI. Orchestrator performance can be severely impacted if you have different sources querying the db at the same time. at minimum, you’ll need a replica of the orch db and query against that.

in the cloud, I’d really recommend just using Insights because we take care of all of this headache for customers and manage it too.


Thanks, Michelle. Much appreciated. This was very helpful.

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Oh wow I didn’t know that Orchestrator had this option. What storage tool do you use?

We use Azure Storage Buckets. But that’s more of a cooperate decision.

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