Potential Bug - Attempting a Contains Expression on Multi-Select Dropdown

Hi all,

Wanted to report a potential bug (or just see if I’m doing this wrong)

Scenario: I’d like to evaluate a multi-select dropdown control’s selected value with an Expression that returns true if a value is selected from the list of available options.

The multi-select control (lets call it MSC for short) is set to the following:
=List(“Asthma”,“Cancer”,“COPD”,“Diabetes”,“Heart Disease (IHD/CAD)”,“Heart Failure”,“Hypertension”,“CKD”,“Other”,“None”,“N/A”)

For example: When “Other” is selected, I want the expression to return true.

Other MultiSelect

I’ve tried several attempts to get this expression to work but to no avail including:

  • Setting the expression manually: =Contains(MSC,“Other”)
  • Using events to update an app variable on MSC change, and then evaluating the app variable: =Contains(AppVariable,“Other”)
  • Using events to set a text box value on change, and then evaluating the text box. =Contains(TextBox,“Other”)

All of these evaluate to false both initially (which is correct), and false even if “Other” is selected (incorrect). However, in the last attempt, if I manually update the value in the text box the expression evaluates to true.

I can see this one coming up quite a bit - anyone have any ideas?