Posting Photos to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram in Desktop


What is the use case

Posting photos to Facebook can be made more easier when we try to post photos saved from desktop sorage.

How do you see a solution for the use case?

-> The user’s login credentials are stored in the UiPath robot or it can be retrieved while executing.
-> The robot automatically goes to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram website in as opted by the user. If the user wishes to post the same pics in all the social media accounts, it can be opted too
-> Separate tabs for each social media account can be opened
-> Attach Window activity can be given in a flow decision activity
-> Make the user select pictures and suggest them relevant quotes based on top google search results
-> When the user clicks okay, the photos are uploaded to the selected social media accounts.


  • Reusable Component


This idea is really helpful and use case can be implemented in social media automation also things can be added to this use case like auto reply for support twitter handles.

You can also check below idea:-


Thanks for your valuable feedback!


This is a bad idea considering that we have Special Counsel investigation into Russia cyber meddling in the U.S election.