Posting data to a spreadsheet-based system

Eu preciso lançar dados em um sistema de acordo com uma planilha, existem mais de três mil linhas para lançar e pretendo fazer em torno de 100 lançamentos por dia.
Estou utilizando While para fazer as iterações com a condição: rowNumber < customersData.Rows.Count

I created an auxiliary column to mark the line that has already been launched according to the table below:

Id Name Profession Credit Status
1 John Engineer 1450.60 V
2 Robert Salesman 1245.5 V
3 Ethan Doctor 980.6

My question is: How do I make the robot understand the auxiliary column and always start automation with the empty line

you could use the “Filter Data Table” activity and set the filter so, that all rows are removed which have a “V” in the column “Status”. With that the Output Data Table will only contain unbooked positions and can directly start with the first one.

After the booking you can update the first data table, using the id to identify the correct row. Here is an example workflow.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: (14.9 KB)

@Patrick_K thank you very much for your help, it looks like a well-structured flow, but I couldn’t apply it to my model, can you help me? (25.1 KB)

PS: I don’t use For Each Row, but yes, While. What is the best?

someone help me?

Sorry I was not able to attend to my computer so I could not replay earlier.
In this specific case, I would recommend to use a “for each row” as you want to update specific rows in an excel file.
I adjusted your workflow so that the specific row in the excel file be updated based on the user input :slight_smile: (23.9 KB)

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