Post Upgrade of 18.4 to 19.10 Packages Not Getting Displayed in Orchestrator

How to resolve if post upgradation from 18.4 to 19.10, the packages are not getting displayed in Orchestrator?

The upgrade was performed from version 18.4.x to 19.10. The way the packages are saved or the deployment settings have been changes since UiPath Orchestrator v2019.x versions.

There are two parameters of NuGet.Repository.Type “Legacy” and “Composite”.
By default the value is set to “Composite” in which the packages are saved in .\Storage folder under respective tenant folder. So the Orchestrator was unable to find the packages under .\Storage folder.

Setting the NuGet.Repository.Type to “Legacy” has resolved the issue. This parameter will state the Orchestrator to use old method of searching packages under NuGet.Packages.Path and NuGet.Activities.Path.

Find the Web.Config Deployment supporting guide.

Note: The article is relevant for troubleshooting upgrade issues till v2019.10.x. In case if you are facing issues with the later versions, see The UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config link to know more on the package feeds and how it can be configured.