This is BODY information of POST API to pass:

“__metaInfo”: {
“uri”: “Paging(page=1,startDate=datetime’2020-07-25T00:00:00’,filterOperator=‘gt’)”
“direction”: “DESC”,
“andOrOperator”: “AND”

I was trying to pass this into HTTP Request but getting error -The post data are in the bad JSON format: Unexpected character (‘u’ (code 117)): was expecting comma to separate Object entries -

I got this MetaData as variable and trying to pass in Body Option as below…

MetaData = Paging(page=1,startDate=datetime’2020-07-25T00:00:00’,filterOperator=‘gt’)

Body: “{”"__metaInfo"":""{"“uri”":"“MetaData”"},"“direction”":"“DESC”","“andOrOperator”":"“AND”"}"

@ppr - Any thoughts?

It is working now…mark this as solved…passed this as variable and it worked.

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