Possible to view your Graded score in UIPath Developer Certification?


Is it possible to know or get some kind of feedback on your certification practical exam as the ceritifcation interface only shows the option to download and not how you were graded (if certification is passed scenario)

Just to get some feedback on how one can improve more :slight_smile:

Hi there @neonova,
When I completed the UiPath Advanced Certification, they sent across an Email, including a breakdown of scoring from various categories (exception handling, etc.).

I am guessing this has changed, but I agree feedback is paramount to improving, pass or fail.

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Thanks for the info! I guess i will wait then for a couple of days to see if an email arrives :slight_smile:

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Hi there @neonova,
Just to clarify, do you mean the Advanced Certification, or Advanced Diploma (delivered via the Academy)?

For the Advanced Diploma, I do not believe they sent across a breakdown on areas for improvement.

With that said, it could certainly be useful!

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I’m refering to the Certification (paid one) not the diplomas in academy (the exam which has a theory test+practical of 3.5 hours)

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Hi there @neonova,
Perfect, just wanted to check :slight_smile:

Thanks once more,

As what @Mr_JDavey mentioned, I too only receive the criteria and the breakdown of scoring. Is the practical test marked automatically by bots or by humans?

well… no email yet… :expressionless:

stil no news :frowning:

Hi all,

With the certification becoming fully automated, we no longer provide detailed feedback for the practical exam to secure its integrity.


That is fine… but at least the scoring areas could be marked (a sper grading scheme)? doesn’t need to have comments (similar to advanced Diploma 100/100 but with respect to the grading scheme )


The grading scheme file has been updated (as it wasn’t the most recent).

well thats a good start, but I would still hope in near future the candidates get some sort of feedback on their performance for the certification. it is standard practice across the industry for any certification :slight_smile:


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