Possible to use a password to secure access to a robot?

Dear all,

Is it possible to save my robot with a password?
Function like the protected excel, we have to type password everytime when we open the excel file.

We are using Uipath Studio only, have not bought the Orchestrator yet.

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UiPath Did you check demo orchestrator @viyeung

Dear Sreekanth,

Is it impossible to do it without the Orchestrator?
As we are using it in our company, if we want to use the Orchestrator we have to buy the licence first.

In the Excel application scope,There is a property password.Provide your password in it @viyeung

Dear Sreekanth,

Protected excel is an example only, we want to protect the Robot.
As we are going to design several Robots for different teams, and all Robots will be saved into a shared Folder that all teams can access to it.
We want to add a password to protect the Robot that every time they click a Robot, they have to input an assigned password that the Robot will not be run by other team by mistake.

Hi viyeung,

How about using the Input dialog at the beggining of your workflow to enter the password and then matching it with the saved password?
This is the sample workflow.
PasswordTest.xaml (7.5 KB)

Dear MarikoUsui,

Thanks, this can be one of the solutions if users are not allowed to use the UiPath Studio.

If a user open the robot with Studio, he can easily identify the password.

The best way we can think of is the password protection like Excel.

can we use windows credential for this?

Dear Bharat,

Thanks. May i know how to use the Windows credential to protect the Robot?

We do use the Windows credential. We use it to save many application passwords (eg:SAP, outlook) for the Robot to call, this allows the Robot to access to all applications without interruption.

You can try storing credential in credential manager and prompt user for the password on robo start.
If input password matches credential then run ahead else terminate.

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Dear Bharat,

Yes!!! Will try it!! Thanks so much!!!