Possible to use 2 argument?

It’s fine when I create an argument and I can pass a variable from main to another workflow.

But when I create another argument, after I import it, save, and I go to another workflow to use the argument, I find that the argument wasn’t declare and I back to main and I found that the argument was disappeared.

Hi ,
have you declared the correct visibility
and in/out path

Before importing, add the argument first in the workflow which you are invoking and save the workflow.
After that you can import arguments in the main workflow.


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hi, yes, but the problem is after I save the workflow and open it again, the argument is disappeared.

lets say I have two workflow, main and sub. I will invoke sub in main. so you mean i need to import the argument in sub first, and then do the main later?

First you have to add the argument in the Sub and save the file.
And then import the arguments in the main.

Yes u have to declare the arguments in the sub flow first and save, then import the arguments in the invoke work flow.

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