Possible to have Uipath Community & Enterprise Edition running on same PC?


I’m currently playing around with the Enterprise Edition. I know want to try the new featureus in the Beta - Form Activities. So I have downloaded the Community Edtion to try it.

Is this possible?

Whats the best way todo this and it effects the current licenses as I cannot get my license from Orchestrator?

Many thanks

Hi @davendra,
You don’t need to and to be honest it’s not recommended. Both EE and CE are using Robot Service differently and it can makes your robot to run into issues with two services active at the same time.

The better way is to use Enterprise Edition and enable the beta feed. Then you will be able to download beta packages to your Studio and check it’s features :slight_smile:

How to enable beta feed? Check here:

Hi Pablito,

Thanks for that.

I tired to load the beta.

I have added the following in User defined packages source:

Beta NuGet

found here.

But when I get to Help I don’t see the Beta option.

I also disconnected my Robot and turned off but when I login into CE it asks me for License info which I need to connect as it asks me to activate my license ?



That’s exactly why we don’t recommend to have both version of Studio at same PC. You will have a problem with licensing and so on. Regarding “help” this have only the latest stable version description. That’s why for beta package we are posting information here on forum. For the latest beta you can see it here:


That doesn’t solve me problem.

Can I manually download the beta and put it in the appdata/local/uipath ?

oh dear !!


Regarding this. When you will add beta feed you don’t need to search for any Beta switch. This is only in Community Edition. Just go to Manage Packages and mark:

This allows you do download beta packages.

Regarding this:

What about Robot service? It also need to run at same level and path as Studio. It’s not that simple as it seems to be. You asked the question and I just answered that it’s not recommended. It’s up to you what and how will you do this. I just wanted to explain that this may provide to issues.