Possible to create a loop until activity in StudioX?

I am attempting to repeat an action until words appear on a web page. The activity to repeat is clicking a refresh button on a screen until a task status changes from “processing” to something else. Have been trying to make the Check App State activity work for this, but can’t get it to loop back. Thank you!


Hi @BSmith4

Could you share a screenshot of what you have already tried (your StudioX process as of now)? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your help! Here is the screen shot of the Check App State Activity I’m using. The paths in the Target does not appear section are working correctly, but I need the Target appears activity to keep happening until it is able to move to the Target does not appear section (a user has to keep clicking the refresh button to make the status change and eventually the status will change from “Processing” to one of the 2 other statuses in the Target does not appear section).Target Appears

I am also curious about a solution to this issue.

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Could you try something like that?

Basically, this snippet will open Google page, display a Message Box and then exit the loop. If you do all your actions inside of the Repeat routine, and then have an IF statement at the end with the Exit Loop activity, it should allow you to achieve what you are after.


Thank you so much for your help, this worked like a charm. I was able to nest the whole Check App State container within the Repeat activity and then placed the Exit Loop activity within the Target does not appear section which allowed the Target appears to continue to loop as desired. Thanks again!


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