Possible to count the number of '+' appearing in an excel column?

I would like to improve my process to accommodate for changes in the future and would like to change the bot from finding “LP” keywords to the number of times ‘+’ plus signs appear within a row is that possible?

I get this error when replacing “LP” with “+” using the code shown above

hi @lmoham

can u show thw excel column please?

Heres the column for it, I would like to get the same results but finding ‘+’ plus signs instead of ‘LP’.

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(From row in outData.AsEnumerable() Where row.item(0).ToString.Contains(“+”) Select row.Item(0)).ToList()

you can use For each to print them and just do this to check Item.Count

Try this and let me know.

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Hi @lmoham

Please use the below method.


Feel free to reach us at any time if you have doubts. Thanks.

Happy Automation

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Check as below


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Thanks again and yes your code worked the way I desired!

Thanks to everyone chipping in too ^^

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