Possible Studio Bug

I would like to report a possible bug. I am very new to UiPath community, if this is not the place to post it please give me some directions.

While following the UiPath academy courses I encountered a possible bug where the information in the output section of studio has a delay printing, sometimes even printing after the execution of the robot ended or printing without following the logical course of actions, making the output panel unusable for debugging purposes.

Whar I’ve tried so far:

  1. Close and reopen Studio
  2. Make sure the workflow is correctly structured.
  3. Checked the Output panel on different projects, some of them very similar or even same as the solutions given in the UiPath academy courses.
  4. Ask a much experienced RPA developer check my workflow without noticing any problem.
  5. Try to run the file multiple times. I’ve noticed that in some cases the Output is working properly while other times it is faulty.

Here is the version of Studio I am using:Capture

Here you can see the workflow where I have noticed the faulty Output:

My variables are here:

Faulty Output:

Let me know if there is anything else I should add to this post.

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Hi @Enache_Andrei,
Thank you for sharing this. You can post feedback/bug report using Studio’s Feedback functionality or on forum using Give Feedback button in upper menu.

Regarding your case. If I good remember this is know bug which should be already repaired in newer version. You can check it by installing Studio CE and upgrading all dependencies of your project to new versions.