Possible bug: Passing row("name).tostring to an I/O receiving argument

This seems to be a bug. When I’m in a For Each activity and try to pass a Row(“name”).tostring to an I/O argument in a different workflow I get an error message “Invalid L-value expression”. But if I just send it to an IN argument there’s no issue. Has anyone else seen this?


can share some details or screenshots

But have a check:

  • datatypes and directions or the argument
  • ensure no variable duplicates exist e.g variables with the same name like argument
  • TypeArgument of For each is set to the right datatype

This is how it looks with going to an in argument. No error.

If I change the direction to I/O I get the error.

with the screenshots some questions on the situation remain open.
But with chaining io_dictArguments to an argument with the same name just try to check with another name that no duplicates are inserted into the workflow

about the validation issue give a try on
inout_StrClientID is the argument as in/out of String

within an assign activity:
inout_StrClientID (left Side)
row("Clien… (right side)

Sorry, I should have made it more clear. I want row(“Client_ID”) to be passed to another workflow which will then pass it to another workflow, hence the desire to make it I/O. If I just make the first receiving argument in, it works. If I make it In/Out I get the error message. Nothing changes but the direction on the client ID.


Have a look on the screenshot, so this is not supported

But with this flow assignment below it validates. The l - value propably comes as you are not assigning a variable direct. The acces with tostring.trim could not store a value, as it returns the trimmed string and cannot act as a storing target


That makes sense now. Default values can only be set on in arguments in case the incoming argument is blank. Out arguments don’t support a default value which is why an In/Out argument wouldn’t allow it.

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