Possibility to use UI Path as API platform


Is it possible to use Ui path as an API platfrom. I have a requirement to scrap some webpage data and expose the scrapped data to another CMS via an API, so that the CMS can process and store the data.


This does seem possible, though technically complex.



If i understood correctly, you want your App to scrape data and then send the data to CMS, and you need to send data using API.

So this just requires a process that is linked to the app and gets triggered after the scraping is done. The process csn have a HTTP request to Post the data at the endpoint where you need to send.

You may mention what you exactly want your alp to do when you say send via API, do you mean not using any process at all?

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I agree with Rahul Sharma, we need a little more information.

The way I understood the question, was if you could store data and then access via an API from another applicaiton, but it seems the way Rahul understood the question is to post the scraped data to another available API.


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@Brandon_Cunningham @rahulsharma , Thanks for the reply.

I don’t want to publish the data to a API, rather use UIpath as a API platform. The data scrapped should be available from UI path, so that the CMS can request to UI path and consume it.

Hope this is clear.

Yes if you need to use the scraped data from UiPath cloud, then you can consider using Data Service. Scrape the data and store it in data service, you can retrieve it from data service

Below link might help you to get started.

UiPath Apps and Data Service

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Thanks @rahulsharma ,

So I have to user UI path cloud and its data service ? UI path desktop application wont be suitable here ?

Do you mean the on-prem UiPath infrastructure?

You can configure that for on-prem too,