Ports used by CV

Can anybody tell me wich ports are in use by CV? I get a 523 error (CV server can’t be reached) but I don’t get it always.

Hi @tomaz
If you are getting the error 523, “CV server can’t be reached”, it is likely that the ports are being blocked by a firewall or that another service is already using those ports.

You can check this by running “netstat -ano” command in your command prompt and look for the port number on the list. If it is in use, you will see the process ID using it.

You can also try disabling the firewall temporarily to see if that resolves the issue.

Another possible cause of the error is that the Computer Vision server is not running. Make sure that the UiPath.CV.Host.exe process is running on the machine where UiPath Studio is installed.

Kaviyarasu N


Please check this…this is what you need I believe (8051 is default port)

Hope this helps