Ports for accessing applications


Can someone please confirm what ports the UiPath application will need in order to communicate with applications it intends on interacting with, say SAP?

I understand basic RPA definition says it mimics the human process like an actual user but in such case, rather than opening up ports, do we simply need to get the applications installed on the server so that the robot can log in and access it?

If someone could confirm, I would highly appreciate it!

Yes, you just need the application/s installed on the server since it does just like an actual user. :slight_smile:


If you want to work with SAP application, we need to enable script on both client and server side.

For reference please find the below thread:


Hey Lakshman. Thanks for the message. Yes the scripts were already enabled and we made sure of that prior to starting off the development. I was also able to use the same ports as the human user would do, so that saved some time from infrastructure setup and config standpoint.

Thanks for all the help everyone. Much appreciated!

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