Porting Process to newer Windows Version / newer Office Version


I would like to enquire about a more effective approach towards porting over processes from Windows 7 to Windows 10, Office 2007 to 2016. I have about 10-15 processes to port over and I realized that several of it had selector issues. (Refer to the bottom 4 screenshots)

Looking at Windows 7, Excel 2016 and Windows 10, Excel 2016. I only encountered selector issues with the path extension not included in the selector. A wildcard could fix that problem but that will mean for every activity, I would have to manually edit the selector field which I find it quite painstaking to do as I was hoping that UiPath’s “Indicate on screen” will handle my selectors.

However, Looking at Windows 7, Excel 2007, there are more attributes that were automatically detected from the click activity.

My question is - Will porting over processes be an issue in the future as Windows or Office were to be upgraded into newer versions and I would have to cater to every activity’s selector once more.

Thank you!

From the horribly drawn rectangle below, I have inputted a click activity in ui path to click that box in Microsoft Excel.

Only limited to one photo so the link below will be the selector problems