Popup calendar

Hi friends,

is there a way to automate the last month range in this pop up calendar?

Hi @Perri ,

Are you able to manually input the values in From and To, other than selecting from the calendar popup? If yes you can try Type Into activity . The value to enter can be added to a variable and try to use the activity.

Hi @Perri

Refer the Video

It will help you…


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Wow , very complicated video :slight_smile: I will try it out. Thank you.


I faced another issue on the calendar. not able to click on the “1” in the calendar. Error msg " Click Text ‘DIV’: Text was not found . Please assist.


Thank you.

Hi @Perri

Check the aaname in UiExplorer of Date… Use same format as prescribed.

check it for IRCTC Website…


I do not understand the solution u provide :smiley: Please assist. Thank you.

error : " Click Text ‘A’ # : Value does not fall within the expected range.


How can I select 1 for this month?