Populating Orchestrator Queue With Loading Bot or Within Process

Hi All,

I have been advised that we should have a process that runs on a single bot, populating queues within Orchestrator so that other bots can process the work.

However, I was wondering if this should be built into the process that is completing the work, so each time the queue is empty the bot will automatically look for new work that comes in.

This would be managed by using a SQL table with the following headers:

Process_Name, Time_Stamp and Status

When the bot has completed the work it will update the status field to “In Progress” and update the “Time_Stamp” once it has completed.

The other bots wouldn’t update the queue as it can see that status is “In Progress” and the time stamp would be in the last 15 minutes.

Does anybody use this method or what is the best practice for populating a work queue?