Populate data table with excel file - BUT not having to read the excel file every time the process is run


I have a data table in excel that I want to read and store as a data table. Is there a way to create the data table from excel but only have to do it once? I want to populate the table and just store it as default data. Any ideas?

We can store that in QUEUE if we have orchestrator
That is read the datatable from excel with READ RANGE activity and get the output named dt
Now we can add this as a item to queue with Add Queue item activity
Then later we can fetch that object from queue with Get Transaction Item activity
Or Get queue item activity if we don’t want to change the status of queue item to In Progress, as the Activity Get Transaction Item activity will get and change the status to In Progress


If we don’t have orchestrator then we can read the data and store as datatable and again write that to another excel so that can be read next time while processing

Cheers @Asanka

Is it that big that you dont want to read always?

I would prefer not to use orchestrator but it would work.

File is not big…It just seems like one less thing that could break I guess. Say if someone moved the file etc.

I think if you need the data, then still is better to read the excel everytime to be honest…

Okay I will do it like that.

Another question:

I have a datatable with duplicates. Is there an easy way to remove the duplicates? Possibly by filtering?

Try Remove Duplicate Rows activity.

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you are good!

no, no, you are too kind :relaxed:

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