Populate data in MS Power BI dashboard via UiPath webhooks

Hi All,

I want to connect Power BI dashboard to UiPath Orchestrator, so I would think it will be done through Webhooks (If not Database) and provides reporting based on queue items in PowerBI dashboard. It would be really helpful if someone can send me a clear approach (steps) to do that?

Hi @punya

Check the below thread, it might be helpful for you,

Hope it helps!!

Hi @mkankatala Thanks for immediate reply. I checked this thread and unfortunately I won’t be able to view it’s content. It says, video is private and the document is missing.

Hi @punya

You can check this tutorial.

Also in the Webhooks page, click Add. In the URL field provide a custom URL to which you want to send information from your orchestrator. You can configure it for single or all events as well.