Pop up web recording

i have a pop up tha i will write some text inside , i can’t find the input uielement
is there anyway to solve this issue. Thanks

@oumayma_lajili1 It’s always recommended to share more details like in your case the popup screenshot or the response you get when selecting the popup text field using uiexplorer(unless it is restricted for privacy). Here, you can try finding the current control of keyboard and most probably it should be in the input text box on the pop-up, if not, you can use keyboard commands like Tab and Shift tab to send the control to the input box and then send a type into/clipboard method to write. Give it a try and let us know if it works and issue if it doesn’t…

Take care

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@oumayma_lajili1 Try finding input ui element using uiexplorer.
You can try using send hotkeys activity to send keyboard shortcuts (tab keys) to reach the input field and write the required text.

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you can give an example of process ?