Pop up password Excel automation


i would like to resfresh excel with macro function in uipath. but don’t know how to automate this pop-up with password.

Hi @Nightowl_music

Have you tried UIAutomation?

yes didn’t work well

Could you maybe provide more details as to what triggers the pop-up, especially from within your workflow?

this is my workflow.
I entered the password in the excel application scope.

Any chance you could still share the macro script? I believe the password that you provide in Excel is only for password protected Excel files, while the pop-up looks to be coming from the macro itself.

Or is the macro only triggering the refresh of the entire workbook, and one of the data connections then requires you to input these details? In other words, does the workflow continue after the Execute Macro activity or stops at it until you input the required credentials?

If it continues, then we should still be able to use the UIAutomation by playing around with the framework selection via the F4 key during selector capture.

this is my macro in excel

Sub Refresh()

’ Refresh Macro

End Sub

problem is I can’t input the credentials in the pop screen. so maybe there is a way to build this in the macro of excel

Actually, I think you should be able to pre-fill these credentials as explained in this article:

It would then use those saved credentials and no longer show the pop-up.