Pop-up message when starting a robot with the Assistant

Good morning to all

This alert does not affect the automated process, but it does not allow to interact with the wizard (it blocks) and it is necessary to close it from the task manager.

Previously the alert was displayed in a black box, lately the message was just displayed.

Error UiPath Assistant 0

Error UiPath Assistant

Has anyone had the same thing happen to you?

Additional information
-This error only happens when using the Forms library: “UiPath.Form.Activities”: “[1.8.0]”.
-UiPath and Assistant are upgraded to the latest version (Upgrade is automatic)

any help?



Check below post for your reference

refering to above post, can check in EventViewer-> Application, can you see what type of error you are getting?


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We’ve fixed these issues in 23.10.5

Please check the release notes here:

Thank you!

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